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Immigration & Customs


Procedure at the Crossing Points

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Passport Control

Upon arrival in Israel, visitors go to passport control and must present a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of their departure.
Please note, Israel has incorporated a new and modern technological system instrumental in meeting the needs of the various Immigration, security, Airport and Tourism authorities as well as providing the tourist with the credentials necessary to prove his visa status without stamping the passport.  At a press of a button, the Border Control station will print a card including the principle details of the traveler as in the first page of the passport. The card will also depict the date of arrival and visa information. This card is called The “Electronic Gate Pass”.

The Gate Pass is an official form of identification while in Israel.  We ask all tourists to keep the card at hand at all times as proof of their status.
Arrival by Air and Land Crossings – Incoming travelers continue to the passenger luggage area after having their passports inspected. Carts are at their disposal. From there, they continue to customs control and to the airport exit.

Information Regarding Israel’s Land Gateways​


General information regarding the laws and policies of the Customs Authority can be downloaded:

Please make note that travel through Allenby Bridge Crossing has specific limitations and directives.  For example, visitors passing through the Allenby Bridge between Israel/Jordan may carry no more than the cash value of 2000 Jordanian Dinars. 

Customs and V.A.T. for Tourists:
Aside from Allenby Bridge Crossing, and for all other Gateways including airports, the following tourist guide is relevant for visitors as defined by the Customs and Tax Authority:
Please note:  there is a two-lane customs transit system, one green and the other red, at Ben Gurion Airport and the various Crossing Points.  Visitors who do not have goods to be declared may go through the green lane at the exit from the passenger arrival hall.

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