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Israel is a small country, which makes getting around fast and convenient. Taxis are common in Israel for urban and interurban travel and can be flagged in the street or booked via phone or designated international apps such as GetTexi.

The main forms of public transportation are busses and the national train service both offering a convenient, reasonably priced means of travel to nearly every destination in the country.

Train Information Services:   / Telephone: 08-6831222 or *5770

Busses Information Services:  / Telephone: 1-900-72-1111

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket booths in the central bus station in each city or town, or from the driver.  Most of the bus lines do not run on Shabbat or on Jewish holidays.  Service ends on Friday afternoon and resumes Saturday evening.

Students are entitled to discounts on intercity bus lines.  To receive a discount they must present an international student card when purchasing tickets.

Smart ride card - Rav Kav

Tourists can purchase an Anonymous Rav Kav Card. It can be purchased on board for a small fee, and then can be reloaded with a regular Multi-Ride or Single ticket, usually within the region offering a 20% discount.

Tourists cannot use a Personal Rav Kav Card which has all the passenger’s personal details and is for citizens.

 Please note:
- The Rav Kav can be used to pay for the transportation of several passengers.
- The fee of a child is like an adult.
- The Rav Kav can be used in a region and not between regions unless specifically reloaded for the desired routes.
- In some areas, it is possible to get daily unlimited rides within that region only.

Domestic Flights

Israel is a small country, and for this reason, it is only worthwhile to consider flying between Eilat and Tel Aviv. Several companies operate flights from Eilat to Ben Gurion Airport, or Sde Dov in north Tel Aviv.  Airfares are reasonable, but are higher than bus fares.

There are also private companies that operate special flights from anywhere in the country upon request.

Arkia:  Telephone: 00 972 3 690 2222
Israir:  Telephone: 00 972 3 795 5777

Renting a Car

Most international car rental companies and local companies have offices in the large cities and at Ben Gurion Airport.  It is recommended to reserve a car in advance from abroad.

To rent a car in Israel the driver must be over 24 years of age, and must hold a valid international driver’s license and an international credit card.

Israel has an extensive road system and clear signage in most places (in Hebrew, English, and Arabic).

Driving in Israel

The minimum driving age in Israel is 17 and the driving side of the road is the right. Speed limits are 30 to 50km/h in cities, 80-90 on freeways, 130 on highways and Route no.6. Safety belts are obligatory, and if you’re enjoying a night on the town, keep in mind there is a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving so find a designated driver and enjoy safely.

Highway 6

Highway 6 operates as an electronic toll road with no barriers at entrances or exits and no traffic lights which allows for uninterrupted trips. Advanced computerized information systems installed along the highway include electronic tollgates, identify vehicles, categorize types of fees (subscription or unregistered) and calculate the number of highway sections each vehicle travels. Every trip is automatically tabulated and invoiced. Drivers enjoy a rich, convenient, and safe traveling experience with a speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour.

Tourists renting a car will be charged via their credit card.  Please inquire with the rental company the conditions and tariffs.

Most Rent a Car companies do not offer insurance for the areas in the West Bank under the control of the Palestinian Authority.  Tourists wishing to drive with rented cars into the areas of the Palestinian Authority are recommended to secure appropriate insurance.

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