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Jean Michel Jarre


To Perform For First Time In Israel

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Jean-Michel Jarre, the prolific and celebrated music legend, a four time Guinness World Record holder for largest concerts ever performed, godfather of electronic music, 2017 Grammy nominee, with more than eighty million albums sold, and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, has confirmed April 6, 2017 as the date he will stage his mega outdoor concert-event Zero Gravity at Masada, the Dead Sea. This will be his first time in Israel.
Jean-Michel Jarre is renowned for his one-off groundbreaking concert-events at historical landmarks around the world.

The historical and national heritage site of Masada will be transformed for one single night into the stage that will encapsulate a futuristic ambience, introducing a most complex state-of-the-art production devised to transport the audience to a once-in-a- lifetime experience. The stage will be set at the center of the mountainous landscape in front of a luxury amphitheater especially built to accommodate well-equipped and comfortable separate seating and dancing platforms.

A team of over a hundred international and local professionals is working on the creation and delivery of this upcoming concert under the meticulous direction of Jarre and his unique vision, to guarantee a most unforgettable concert experience for one night at one of the world’s most beautiful sites.

Jean-Michel Jarre brings forth innovation and cutting edge technology. The state-of-the-art design of the 3,280 square feet theme stage sets an ambitious construction challenge. The sophisticated and unique monumental stage is designed to create an illusion of a hovering construction as if defying gravity and therefore fitting the title of this concert and experience, “Zero Gravity”. Intricate stage setting, special effects, panoramic sound system, choreography of powerful lasers and lights will transport the audience with Jarre’s music played live from the central stage to the surrounding lunar landscape.

Considering the ambition and the scope of this unique event, a full month is allocated for the on-site construction and pre-production work with Jarre himself present to personally supervise the work and implementation of his vision.

The production team is preparing to facilitate accommodation for visitors from around the world with hotels in Israel and especially at the Dead Sea area making the necessary arrangements accordingly.

Travel agencies in Europe and Israel offer JEAN MICHEL JARRE - LIVE @ THE DEAD SEA IN ISRAEL packages that include flights, accommodation and concert tickets. In addition, dozens of media coverage teams from around the world are expected to attend the concert.

The concert area is designed to form separate panoramic levels where each level is priced according to the exclusive services offered. It is important to note that regardless of different prices everyone in the audience is ensured to enjoy a most spectacular visual and music experience. The ticket price range from 490 ILS  to 3,000 ILS (120 – 740 euro).

Jean-Michel Jarre staged his Millennium Concert at the Pyramids of Gizeh in Egypt in front of an audience of 800 thousand people, Concert for Tolerance at the Paris Eiffel Tower with 2.5 million people in the audience, Rendez-Vouz Houston his tribute concert in Texas for NASA had 1.5 million people attending, and the 850th anniversary of Moscow was celebrated with his largest concert ever in front of 3.5 million people.  Jean-Michel Jarre has chosen his upcoming destination to be Masada where his unique and specially conceived concert-event aims to raise international awareness of the Dead Sea's dire situation.

A UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador of ecology and the environment, Jean-Michel Jarre brings with him a patronage of UNESCO organization and a call for urgent actions.  The hope is that the concert will give a spotlight on one of the world’s natural assets, the Dead Sea.

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