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Mahane Yehuda


Taste Israeli Culture

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Feast Your Eyes - And Your Belly at Jerusalem’s Hip Open Marketplace

Considered Israel’s trendiest and most vibrant open marketplace, Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda is a hotbed of fresh produce, enchanting merchants, quaint eateries and unique entertainment.

It is a market that continues to reinvent itself; where age-old tradition collides and intertwines with new fads and the sights and scents emanating from the delicacies lining the many stands are absolutely mesmerizing.

Witness culture and cuisine at their height

Stroll down the marketplace’s long, narrow alleyways and you will find a wide variety of restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, vegan eateries and retail stores tucked away in every possible corner. Upon crossing over their thresholds you will experience a calm relative to the hustle and bustle of the local merchants hawking their just baked breads, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, prepared salads, sweet desserts, aromatic ground spices and raw proteins to the masses of eager consumers. The smells alone are enough to make your stomach rumble, as they transport you to cultures and communities from around the globe. Each bowl of seasonal fruit, warm falafel in a pita or flavored halva is a welcome treat for your senses.

Where walking tours satisfy your curiosity and your appetite

Join one of the market’s many workshops or walking and tasting tours, which provide tourists with an interactive experience of Mahane Yehuda through fresh delicacies prepared at some of the market’s stands. Listen to stories of the marketplace’s history and get to know the unique and special shops and booths that helped mold Mahane Yehuda into Israel’s most renowned open market. And, when nightime sets in, experience how the market shifts gears, becoming a hip and lively hotspot for young locals and tourists.

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