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Old Acre


Journey in the Crusaders Footsteps

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An ancient walled city turned cultural hub in northern Israel

Old Acre is one of Israel’s most exceptional locations. A true seaside city surrounded by ancient stone walls, Old Acre is home to countless historical and culinary treasures and exudes a uniquely sublime atmosphere, unlike anywhere else in the country.

Encounter a captivating historical heritage

Prepare for a brush with enthralling sites and attractions exposing the lives and practices of the Crusaders who once controlled Old Acre. Gaze up at the great, ancient walls that encircle the Old City, protecting Acre’s residents during Napolean’s siege. Visit the Acre Port, where you can close your eyes, breathe in the fresh sea air and imagine the site as a veritable hub of maritime activity, where naval ties to the West were established and pilgrims discovered a main entryway into the Land of Israel.

Unearth a spectacular ancient underground site, known as the Templars’ Tunnel. Once connecting a strategic fortress to the Acre Port, helping pilgrims visit Israel, the natural stone passageway serves today as a metaphor for cooperation and perseverance- and is breathtaking to walk through. Continue to Hospitaller Fortress (Knights’ Halls), established by King Richard the Lionhearted during the Third Crusade. The ruins of what was once the fort’s central court, surrounded by arches is a true testament to the deep ties forged in the city during trying times.

A rare marriage of authenticity and cultures

Of the ancient sites and attractions, it is Acre’s market that persistently exemplifies the authentic web of eastern and western cultures upon which the seaside city was founded and continues to thrive. The market is where tastes and smells fill the air - and locals from the four corners of the world engage the public, feeding their hearts and their bellies with cultural gems and culinary treats, such as sweet oriental pastries, locally prepared spices, fresh produce and still-wriggling fish. Walk towards the market’s southern end and visit the Ramchal Synagogue and home of artist Chaim Parchi, two sites adding flair, tradition and vibrancy to the already bustling cultural hub.

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